I am proud to present some of my fine art wedding photography and some of my published work.

Cottage Hill - Intimate, Reflective Moments From A Different Perspective

I was honored by Cottage Hill's feature of this shoot. I had a lot of fun at this workshop. If you are interested in any of my fine art photography or film photography, you can contact me through my contact form or you can shoot me a text at 918.814.2460. Here are some of the shots from the feature. Enjoy!

Our friend and photographer Kelbert McFarland recently shared with us his work from a photography workshop, Loom by Ginny Au.
The initial inspiration by the design team is a bride on the morning of her wedding day. However, as we receive multiple submissions from various photographers capturing work from the same workshops, it's always so intriguing to see how each capture the same content and subject, and capture them not just differently, but can even capture a different mood - creating a perception of even a different narrative.
With Kelbert's images, we didn't see a bride anticipating the big day. Instead, we saw a woman working through deliberation and then resolve. 
That, to us, is the beauty of artistic perspective and perception. While the content and subjects are constant, the feelings the artistic choices from the designers, model and photographer choose provoke variability.
All of the photographs were taken at the Loom Series in the Catskills, the ones in this article feature work by Kelbert McFarland, lead by the Creative Direction of Ginny Au and Art Direction of Kaela RawsonTess Comrie served as food stylist in other portions of the experience as well as overall Creative Assistant. Amy McVey and Kaela Rawson provided Hair and Makeup with Creative Assitant Emily Michaels King. The beautiful wooden boards used in this workshop were provided by Make & Stow, and the linens and pottery from Farmhouse Pottery.Table on Ten served as venue and Meredith Adelaide as our model.